Studio Policies

Participant Terms and Conditions

  • The participation in Yoga and/or Fitness classes, including the going to, coming from, before, after, or during, may be dangerous and involve physical risks and hazards that may or may not be foreseeable.
  • The participant assumes all aforesaid risks and hazards along with the execution of Yoga/fitness, freely and voluntarily.
  • The participant agrees to release the Hosting Party and Sponsoring Party, from all liability and waive all recourse and legal action against any and all of them.
    • The Hosting Party is Springbank Dancers Inc., including its Director and Owner, all members, clients, employees, agents, and contracting parties.
    • The Sponsoring Party includes all those involved in the preparation or organization of Springbank Yoga, including its Director and Owner, instructors, volunteers, and participants
  • The participant acknowledges that the Sponsoring Party holds no responsibility for his/her personal safety or liability while participating in activities at the Springbank Yoga Studio (located at Springbank Dancers Inc.)
  • These “Terms and Conditions” are binding on the participant, his/her heirs, his/her executors, administrators, personal representatives and assignees.
  • By registering online for one of Springbank Yoga’s classes, it confirms that the participant has fully read and understood the foregoing and agrees to participate in classes at his/her own risk, releasing all liability and claims against the Hosting and Sponsoring Parties.
Withdrawal and Cancellation Policies
    • Should a participant wish to cancel their registration, a full refund will be granted if cancelled 7 days or more, prior to the first class of the session
    • If cancelling within 7 days prior to the first class, a credit will be issued for future use and enrolment with Springbank Yoga
    • If withdrawing from a class once the session has started, no refund will be granted
    • There is no refund for paid Drop-in classes.
    • If using a class pass and you wish to withdraw from a class that you have already reserved a spot in, please notify our office via email.
      • If notification is provided within 48 hours of a class starting, NO refund to your pass will be granted 
    • Missed classes for drop-in class pass holders will NOT be refunded or permitted for a make-up
    • Class cards must be used on or before their expiry date 
Missed Class Policies ***NEW***
  • As a perk for any of our clients who have registered in a full semester class, we will allow a 'make-up' class for any missed classes, by attending any other class in the schedule!
  • Make-up class must be attended within one month of the missed class (before or after)
  • The participant should just sign in on the Drop-in sheet upon arrival.


Registration Process Policies


  • If wishing to register for an entire session, the participant is to email to secure their spot and then bring a cheque (made out to Springbank Yoga) to the first class
  • If wishing to use a 5, 10, or Unlimited Class card to register for Drop-in classes, the participant will be asked to purchase their pass upon registering
  • If wishing to register for a single class, the participant will be asked to purchase their pass upon registering
  • Class Cards are non-transferable to another participant or semester, and non-refundable
  • Class spots are first made available to those who wish to register for a full semester in a class. Drop-in spaces (for those paying drop-in or using 5, 10, or Unlimited Class Cards) are only made available if there is still room in the class. Participants are required to register online (or via email) prior to showing up for a class to ensure or receive confirmation that there is space available.


Late (Full) Semester Registration 

  • If you wish to join a full session class after the start of the first week, late registrations are permitted. However, please check out our Class Card options or inquire as to how full a class is as it may be more financially beneficial to not pay for the entire semester (depending on when you register)
  • If you choose to come try a class by paying a one-time Drop-in fee and then decide to register for the full semester, we will happily discount your drop-in fee from the Session Rate or pro-rated rate.